Another cool thing...

                   Paint listens when nothing else does.

     I remain wildly grateful for those who have presented me with glad opportunities  to share through painting. Included on this page are some of the more recent canvases and murals to which I have had the pleasure of putting my hand and heart.

this entry way....

.... is 11' x 14'  space was designed upon request for a client who wanted the area to reflect a  Formal Roman Garden . The arch I painted continues higher than my camera could grab, but it's  progress is pictured on right.

dining room wall

is 22' wide by 14' high. It took a just over a month to  create this Italian street scene to warm the walls of this large dining space. Below are additional photos of the same work.

Random acrylics...

On canvas...Most of the pieces above were created by request.....and yes, I would love to do more.